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Vicki and her staff provide a personal shopping experience to assist you in finding something that makes you feel exactly what you are -- beautiful.


I’ve been with Victoria since 2013 and have learned a tremendous amount about fabrics, sewing techniques, and clothing construction -- things I never thought of when I was shopping for clothing and accessories! Each of our customers has their own personality, style, and flair, which makes helping them so much fun. No matter the size or shape of the women who shop with us, I can never get enough of seeing their faces when they look in the mirror and feel beautiful in something from our store!


My background includes personal shopping, skin care, and image consulting, but I credit my fashion sense and love for clothing to my mother and sisters. My mother wore jodhpurs or leggings tucked in her boots at the age of 80! My older sisters always had shopping bags and fashion magazines in the house. I learned from the best!


Along with working in fashion, I believe that family, friends, faith, and my cat Ava Gardner are most important. 


I crunch the numbers! I joined Victoria in 2010 as the in-house bookkeeper/accountant. Fashion, to me, is about the appreciation of beautiful things. Victoria never lacks a bounty of beautiful things. Wife of John and mother of Jack (1 yr), I have to stay pretty for my boys. Vicki & staff keep me dressed and accessorized in the finest fashions, which keeps my boys smiling.


According to my mother, I was born with fashion, retail and merchandising in my blood. At age 3, I went through a year of "if it's not pink I am not wearing it.” Though I don't remember that phase in my life, it stuck with me—pink is still one of my best colors!


When I was a little older 4, I would change my clothes up to 5 times a day! I want to think I knew the importance of dressing properly for every event at a young age! Then, when I was a little older—this I do remember—I would straighten the gum and candy in the grocery store check-out line.


Fashion is still in the forefront of my life. My mail women hates me ... I have 12 fashion magazine subscriptions. I have been a store manager, a training store manager, a general manager of a four concept store, opened over 50 new stores, produced/worked on more fashions shows and seminars than I can count, helped brain surgeons to teachers to lawyers dress for numerous occasions, and have been an award winning merchandiser.


And to this day, I still want everything and everyone to look their very best. More than several have counted on me for that, and I've built entire career on it! Now, it is my pleasure to be helping Vicki with her special projects!


I began working with Vicki in the fall of 2014 to redesign and launch a new online presence for Victoria. Vicki wanted to give you, her customers, an enjoyable experience on this website, and we collaborated to deliver exactly what you need – collections, new arrivals, and an opportunity to meet the women of the store. I hope you like it! We also launched a brand new Facebook page (linked to FB page) so that you can interact online with Victoria while staying up to date with news and events. 


I’m a gadget geek and have never been a fashion maven, but it’s been an exciting journey to learn more about the collections, designers and everything involved in the wonderful world of fashion.

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