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Yes, that’s me playing dress up in my mother’s dress and fur stole!
My love of fashion is spurred by my fashion icon: my mother. Clothes are more than the garments in our closet; they are statement pieces which reflect individual personality, instill confidence, and can provide lasting memories. We all have certain passions, and while mine is fashion and style, I want to make shopping at Victoria effortless for you.


I grew up shopping in the era of wonderful specialty stores and no websites.You went and saw and felt and tried on clothes that you did not see everywhere else. Victoria embodies my vision of how we should approach fashion: at Victoria we provide guidance, service, and attention to our customers needed to pick the perfect blouse or dress that makes you stand out, brightens your day, and looks great on you!


Shopping should always be easy and enjoyable. Even though I know many may dread the search for the perfect outfit for luncheons, date night, or cocktail parties, shopping has always been one of my favorite pastimes. Now I go shop in New York to find the best for the store and you. 


If you’re a customer, you know how Judy, Janet, and I can’t wait to call you when something arrives that is perfect for you, but with everyone so busy sometimes it is difficult to get you by phone. Now, with our new website, you’ll be able to “pop in” online and see what’s new, even when you’re not able to come to the store.


I find that today having a website is a necessary evil; it is the most efficient way to communicate what’s new in the store -- new merchandise, arrivals, new designers I may have discovered, and special events.  In addition to sharing information on our website, I will also be able to share all of these things (and who knows what else!) through email.


To join our email list, simply click here or on the link to the right. You will not get bombarded with emails from us (we hate that too).  And, don’t worry, even though we’re online, we’ll still call when that perfect piece comes in with your name on it! 



Join our mailing list!

Join our mailing list and stay up to date with upcoming events and new arrivals at Victoria!

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